Is 3 quarters bigger than 5 eighths?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes it is. It is equivalent to six eights.

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Q: Is 3 quarters bigger than 5 eighths?
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What fractions are bigger than 3 quarters?

1 whole is bigger than 3 quarters

What is bigger 1 third or 3 eights?

Three ninths is one third, and eighths are bigger than ninths. Three eighths is bigger than three ninths. Therefore three eighths is bigger than one third.

Is five and one fourth bigger than five and three eighths?

No it is not. 5 and 3 eighths are bigger by one eighth.

What is more 1 and 3 quarters or 1 and 3 eights?

1 and 3 quarters (1.75) is greater than 1 and 3 eighths (1.375)

Which is bigger three fourths or five eighths?

Answer Three fourths (or three quarters) is the same as six eighths, so it's one eighth bigger.

Which fraction is bigger 2 thirds or 5 eighths?

Two thirds is (6 and 2/3) percent bigger than 5 eighths.

How many quarters are there in 3 holes and six eighths?

There are three quarters in six eighths. If the holes are empty there are no quarters in them otherwise it depends on how big they are!

How many eighths are in 3 and 3 quarters?

30 of them.

How many eighths are there in three quarters?

3/4 / 1/8 = 6 Therefore, there are 6 eighths in three quarters.

Which is bigger 3 quarters or 70 percent?

3 quarters is bigger than 70% because a quarter is 25 cents and if you have 3 quarters it would be 25+25+25=75%

What is half of 3 quarters?

To work this out you need to amend the fraction to one that can be halved.Three quarters is the same as six eighths, now you can work out the answer.Three eighths is half of three quarters.

What is bigger three fourths or three eighths?

3/4 is 6/8 so that is bigger than 3/8