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1 whole is bigger than 3 quarters

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Q: What fractions are bigger than 3 quarters?
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Which is bigger 3 quarters or 70 percent?

3 quarters is bigger than 70% because a quarter is 25 cents and if you have 3 quarters it would be 25+25+25=75%

What is bigger 3 quarters or 2 thirds?

3 quarters!

Is 3 quarters bigger than an half?

three quarters it one quarter or a fourth larger than one half

Is three quarters bigger or smaller than one half?

3/4 is bigger than 1/2

Is 3 quarters of a gallon bigger than 3 pints?

There are 8 pints in a gallon.

Which is bigger two thirds of a teaspoon or three quarters of a teaspoon?

Three quarters is bigger. Here's the math:To evaluate which is bigger, both fractions must have a common denominator (bottom).The way to do this is to multiply each fraction by one.2/3 times 4/4 = 8/123/4 times 3/3 = 9/12.This makes it easy to see that 3/4 is larger than 2/3.

Which is big 3 quarters or half?

They're both pretty small, but 3 quarters is 50% bigger than one half.

Which one is bigger 5 24 or 3 16?

If you mean as fractions then 5/24 is bigger than 3/16

Is 3 0ver 4 a half or quarter in fractions?

.75 3/4 is three quarters in fractions.

Is 3 quarters bigger than 5 eighths?

Yes it is. It is equivalent to six eights.

In fractions what is 3 quarters of 25.00?

75/4 or 18 3/4

What are three rules you can use to compare fractions?

Rule #1 When two fractions have the same denominator, the bigger fraction is the one with the bigger numerator. Rule # 2 When comparing fractions that have the same numerator, the bigger fraction is the one with the smaller denominator. Rule # 3 You can convert the fractions and then just put the greater than, less than or equal to sign to see what the comparison is between the fractions.

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