Is square root of -11 rational number?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The square root of negative 11 is an imaginary number, i.e., sqrt(-11) = sqrt(11) i where i is the imaginary unit = sqrt(-1).

sqrt(11) is indeed irrational. In fact, the square root of any integer which is not a power of two is irrational.

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Q: Is square root of -11 rational number?
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Is the square root of negative 121 rational irrational or a real number?

The square root of -121 is imaginary. It has value of i11.It is not rational, irrational, nor real. The coefficient of i, 11, is real and rational, but the result of multiplying i by 11 is imaginary.Now, The Coefficient of (i11) is a complex number, because when dealing with i, the true form is the square root of -1, and so this also means that you still have 2 answers, positive and negative i11, and so the square root of -121 is imaginary, or complex rational number. But, because it is complex, it is not truly rational, all this means is that you end up with aninteger in your complex answer. So, To answer your question, the answer is non of the above, just imaginary. and the value is plus or minus (i11).

How do you find an irrational square root?

An irrational number is a number that never ends. An example of an irrational square root would be the square root of 11.

Is the square root of 11 a whole number?

It is true that the square root of a prime number like 11 is never a whole number. But to say that that has never been proven is incorrect. The square root of any positive integer that is not a square number (the square of an integer) is always irrational, and that is relatively easy to prove. To prove that prime numbers are not square numbers is even easier. That is basically true by definition. If a number greater than 1 were a square number, its square root would be a factor other than 1 and itself; therefore, it would not be a prime number.Answer 1No - the square root of 11 is not a whole number. 11 is prime so it has no factors except itself and 1, anyways.Any prime number has no square root that is a whole number or integer. (That postulate has not been proven, but it has not been disproven so it is accepted as true.)

Is square root 11 an integer or fraction?

Answer: Mixed number Answer: It is neither, in the sense that you can't write the square root of any positive integer (except for the square root of perfect squares) exactly as a fraction. You can only approximate it. In other words, it's an irrational number.

Is 11 an integer or rational number?

Yes and yes. It is an integer and so it is also a rational number.