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It can be converted to a rational fraction.


Let P 0.6666....

& 10P = 6.6666....


9P = 6.0 = 6

P = 6/9

P = 2/3

With Irrational Numbers you cannot convert to a fraction.

Casually an irrational number is one which goes to infinity, but the digits are not in any regular order. pi = 3.141592654.. is probably the most famous irrational number. Others being the square root (2) = 1.414213562....

and the square roots of prime numbers.

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Q: Is the number 0.1111 repeats is it irrational?
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If a number is a real number can it be rational and irrational simultaneously Why?

No. A rational number is a number that either terminates or repeats. An irrational number neither terminates nor repeats. Therefore, it cannot be both.

What is a real number that can not be expressed as a desimal that repeats is?

It is an irrational number.

Is 0.83 an irrational number?

I would say no, it is rational. A number is only irrational if it repeats with no specific pattern.

Is 1.24562... an irrational number?

Irrational numbers are non-repeating, non-terminating decimals. If your number repeats, it's rational. If it doesn't, it's irrational.

How is a rational number that repeats different from a irratrional number that repeats?

Irrational numbers can not be repeating decimals. Any number that is a repeating decimal is rational.

A real number that cannot be expressed as a decimal that terminates or repeats is called?

An irrational number.

A real number that cannot be expressed as a decimal that terminates or repeats is called a?

Irrational number.

How do you tell if a number is rational or irrational?

a rational number repeats but terminates.ex:3.333333333. a irrational number doesn't terminate or repeat itself. ex:3.334334433444.

What is the decimal expansion of an irrational no. is?

It is the decimal approximation to the value of the irrational number.

Is -2.24224222422224222224 a rational or irrational number?

Assuming -2.24224222422224222224 repeats, it is irrational. Rational numbers are numbers that can be written as a fraction. Irrational numbers cannot be expressed as a fraction.

Ask us anythingThe number 0.1111... repeats forever therefore it is irrational?


Do irrational numbers repeat?

No. Irrational numbers are those that cannot be represented as a fractions. Any number which repeats could be represented as a fraction.