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Irrational Number

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Q: Is the square root of 34 rational or irrational?
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Can a composite number have an irrational square root?

Yes as for example the square root of 34 is irrational

Is the square root of 34 rational?

No, they are not.

Is the square root of 34 an rational number?


Is -34 both rational and irrational?

-34 is a rational number

Is the square root of 34 a whole number?

No because it is an irrational number

Are natural numbers irrational numbers?

No. All natural numbers are whole, so they are rational. Irrational numbers like pi and the square root of 34 come in decimals.

Is negative 34 absolute value rational or irrational?


How dense is the decimal?

They are dense in that between any two decimals you have another one. A much better way to think of it is that a decimal must be either rational or irrational. For example, .34 is certainly rational, but the decimal expansion of square root of 2 goes on forever and is irrational. So a decimal, being either one, must be dense in the reals.

What does irrational in math mean?

Irrational numbers are pi(3.14...), a non-terminating decimal with no pattern(ex.-0.3456789...), and non-perfect squares(ex.-square root of 34).

What is the square root of 34 to the nearest tenth?

To the nearest tenth, the square root of 34 is... 5.8

What is the Square root of 34 plus the square root of 34?

It's an example of "addition".The sum is: 2 sqrt(34) .

What are the two hole numbers that are closest to the square root of 34?

The two whole number which are -6 (nearest to the negative square root of 34) and +6 (nearest to the positive square root of 34).