Is x² a variable or just x?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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just X

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Q: Is x² a variable or just x?
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What is the value of the x variable in the solution to the following system of equations?

x isn't a value, just a variable standing for a number

What is the independent variable of a variable?

Just the number, for example: 7x the variable is 7. The variable is the number without the variable(x,y,z, etc.)

What does c x b mean?

The variable c times the variable b simply equals cb. Just as the variable x times the variable y would equal xy, and so on.

What is a variable times the same variable?

A variable times the same variable is called a square of that variable. For example, if the variable is x, then x multiplied by x is written as x^2, which is read as "x squared."

What is a variable times a variable?

It can be a new variable eg x*y = xy. Or it can be a constant eg x is a variable then 3/x is another variable. x*(3/x) = 3, which is a constant.

What is relationship between x and y variable?

Often the x variable is the independent variable and the y variable depends on x.

What does 4 plus x equal?

That would depend on the value of the variable x otherwise it is just: 4+x

What is a variable of an algebraic expression?

Variables are just letters to solve for the unknowns. ex of a variable: 4x-6 = 16 x is a variable in this case, so we solve for it 4x = 22 x = 11/2

Is a variable minus a variable a monomial?

Not always. It could be a constant. For example x is one variable, and y = x-2 is another variable. Then x - y = x - (x-2) = 2.

What is the variable fourteen times x?

The variable in 14x is x.

In an experiment the control variable is x and the response variable is y. Which variable is manipulated or changed?


Is the responding variable the x or y axis?

x and y is a it replaces an unkonwn number so they just say x and y