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5 m

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Q: Round up 472.9 cm to the nearest meter?
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What is 472.9 cm estimated to the nearest meter?

There's 100 cm on 1 meter, so the nearest meter would be 5 meter. (500 cm)

Write 378 cm to nearest meter?

4 meter 3.78 meter exact

How can you round Cm to the farthest meter?

Round it to the nearest metre by rounding it to the nearest 100 cm, then if you rounded down add 100 cm otherwise you rounded up and so subtract 100 cm to get to the farthest metre. eg 125 cm to the farthest metre: To the nearest metre 125 cm rounds down to 100 cm. Thus to the farthest metre, as rounded down add 100 cm to give 200 cm to the farthest metre.

What is 378 cm to the nearest meter?


What is 375 cm to the nearest meter?


How to round 11,488.21 to the nearest cubic cm?

round it by cubic meters

Write 249 cm to the nearest meter?

2 m

Round off 153mm to the nearest cm?

15 cm

What is 524 cm to the nearest meter?

5 metres.

Round off 12345mm to the nearest cm?

123 cm

Round 124 mm to the nearest cm?


What is 435 cm to the nearest 12 meter?

4.5 m