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At least one of the integers is negative.

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2012-09-25 13:31:11
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Q: The product of two integers is zero what do you know about the value of the least one of the integers explain?
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What is the product of multiplying seven negative integers?

It is a negative integer. Its value will depend on the seven integers that you start with.

Explain two ways you can use a number line to order the integers –3, +1, and –10?

Sample Response: Order by value: On a number line, the integers to the left are less than the integers to the right. Order by magnitude: On a number line, the integers farther from zero have a greater magnitude. Least to greatest value: –10, –3, +1. Least to greatest magnitude: +1, –3, –10.

What do you know about the value of at least one integers?

One integer has the value zero.

What is the absolute value of the product of all the integers from -6 to 3?

0any number, or series of numbers, multiplied together (product) with zero equals zero; and the absolute value of zero is zero.

What is the least value of sine of x?

-1. This is attained for x = 270 degrees ( + k*360 degrees for all integers k)

What is the integers value of 5'5?

The integer value is 5.

How to find the product of three negative integers?

For the value, just multiply the three values. The sign of the result is negative. So (-a)*(-b)*(-c) = -abc

What number is greater than - 24 -42 -27 -16 or -30?

Assume we want to find the number greater than -24.The greatest value of all of these negative integers is the one with the least magnitude. The value with the least magnitude is 16 since 16 < 27, 42 and 30. If we assign the negative signs for these integers, then -16 is considered to be the greatest of all integers given. Therefore, -16 is greater than -24.

Critically explain the qualities that determine the value of a commodity?

Do you mean value or price. Price is determined by what consumers of the product will pay for it. Value would be what benefit they get from the product. For example if item X saved you an hour of work its value would be 1 hour of your time.

How many integers have an absolute value of 15?

Two. +15 and -15 are the only integers with an absolute value of 15.

When adding 2 integers will the answer be positive?

When adding two integers, the answer will be positive if both integers are positive, or if one is negative but its absolute value is smaller than the absolute value of the positive integer.

write the number with the least value using the digits only once. Explain your reasoning?


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