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Q: What Caribbean island is home to a large percentage of south asians?
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An island that is home to a large community of South Asians is?

The south Asian island of Singapore has a population of 5. 312 million people. Singapore is an island city-state that has an area of 276. 5 square miles.

An Caribbean island with a large percentange of South Asian population?


What large island in the west indies is a commonwealth?

Caribbean hope this helps :)

What is the large island in the Caribbean that is part of the United states?

puerto rico

Is the island Corsica located in the Caribbean sea or in the Mediterranean sea?

Corsica is a large island in the Mediterranean sea.

Do English hate Asians?

no. the oldest community of asians in Europe is English, there have been Chinese people living in Liverpool in England since the 17th century. the vast majority of british people accept asians into their communities and asians make up a large percentage of the population of England

Is Jamaica a foreign country?

No Jamaica is actually a Caribbean island and though a large percentage of its population is of African decent it is very racial diverse with a large number of east Indians, Chinese and Europeans.

I am a large island in the Caribbean sea you are divided between two countries. I am called?


An island with a large percentage of south Asian population is?


What large island in the Caribbean sea is divided by two countries?

dont ask me i have know clue

What Caribbean island has higher standard of living because of its large oil reserves?

Trinidad and Tobago

Which large island in the Caribbean are east and west of hispaniola?

Dominican Republic and Haiti