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There is no such number. It is always possible to insert a zero immediately after the decimal point to make a number that is one tenth as large (or ten times smaller).

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Q: Which is the smallest percentage decimal or fraction?
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How do you convert a fraction to a decimal and then percentage?

To convert a fraction to a decimal divide the numerator (top number) by the denominator (bottom number). To convert a decimal (or fraction) to a percentage multiply it by 100 %.

What can you change a decimal into?

You can change a decimal into a fraction or a percentage

What is one quarter as a fraction percentage and a decimal?

one quarter: = 1/4 in fraction = 0.25 in decimal = 25% in percentage

What is 27 percent as a decimal and a fraction?

27%(percentage) = 0.27 (decimal) = 27/100 (fraction)

How are fractions related to percentages?

Starting from a decimal fraction, a percentage is simply the decimal fraction with the decimal point moved two place to the right.If you have a rational fraction, you convert it to an equivalent fraction whose denominator is 100. Then the numerator of that equivalent fraction is the percentage.

What is 40 over 40 converted to a decimal a fraction and a percentage?

40/40 = 1/1 in fraction, 1.0 in decimal and 100% in percentage

How is 1.0 as a decimal into a fraction and a percent?

As a fraction, it is 1. As a percentage it is 100%

How do you convert a fraction to a percentage?

Convert the fraction to a decimal and then multiply by 100.

How is a decimal different from a fraction and a percent?

A decimal is a fraction: it is a fraction in decimal form. A percentage is simply the numerator of a rational fraction whose denominator has been re-scaled to 100.

What is the fraction four sixth's coverted into a decimal and a percentage?

4/6 into a decimal and a percentage = 0.6667 ; 66.67%

what is 4.68 as a whole number?

Decimal percentage, move the decimal point to the right two places, and then add a percentage sign; fraction into percentage, you can first turn the fraction into a decimal, and then turn the fraction into a percentage, or you can turn the fraction into a fraction whose denominator is 100, and directly rewrite it into a percentage!

How do fraction as a percent.?

Write the fraction in decimal form.Move the decimal point two places to the right.Add a percentage symbol.