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shopping, travel, measurements and money are the real life applications of real number system.

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Q: What are real life applications of real number system?
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What are some applications of differentiation in real life?

Yes if it was not practical it was not there. You can see the real life use on this link

What is the application of analytic geometry in real life?

in real life what are applications of alanlytical geometry

Real life application to the reciprocal function?

There are no real life applications of reciprocal functions

What are Daily life applications of real numbers?

There are many examples of daily life applications of real numbers. Some of these examples include clocks and calendars.

What are Real life applications of translations in maths?

an elevator

What are the real life applications of gaussian elimination?


What are the real life applications of section formula?

they are no uses

Application of definite Integral in the real life Give some?

What are the Applications of definite integrals in the real life?

What are the real life application of quadratic equation in education in sustaining development?

You'll find "real-life applications" of the quadratic equation mainly in engineering applications, not in sustainable development.

Why is a real number is a component of the real number system?

It would be a bit stupid to call a system the real number system if real numbers were not a part of it!

What are the applications of angles in real life?

kuan bastah kuan

How is francium used in real life?

No applications in the real life; francium is only an object of studies in specialized research laboratories.