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The product will have the same sign as the given fraction. Also, if it is a proper fraction, then the absolute value of the product will be between the absolute value of the fraction and the factor.

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Q: What can you say about the product of a given fraction and a factor greater than 1?
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When will the product of given numbers be greater than the LCM of the same given numbers?

When the numbers have a common factor (other than 1).

How can the square root of a fraction be greater than the given fraction?


How do you find a greater fraction?

Add a positive number - fraction or integer - to the given fraction.

Is a factor of a given number always greater than the given number?


What number is always a factor of a given product?


A factor by which you multiply a given number so that their product is one?

The reciprocal of the given number.

When you multiply a fraction times a fraction the product will be smaller than either factor Why?

When you multiply two numbers greater than one, you create many groups of a given number, so the result is greater than either the number of groups or the number you created many groups of. When you multiply a number by a number less than one, you create less than one group of a given number. If you create only part of one group of a given number, it makes sense that the result will be less than the number you started with.

What number is an important fraction always greater then?

There is no such number. Given any number, there is sure to be an important fraction that is smaller.

How to use division to find equivalent fractions?

You divide top and bottom by the same number, if you find a common factor. For example, if your fraction is 9/12, you check whether top and bottom have any common factor greater than one (in this case, the common factor is 3), and then you divide top and bottom by 3, to get 3/4.

What do you notice about the product of two given numbers and their greatest common factor?

If you divide the product of two given numbers by their GCF, the result will be their LCM.

How would you know if a binomial is a factor of a given product?

use long division.

Describe how to write a fraction greater than 1 as a mixed number?

Given an improper fraction (a fraction greater than 1), we divide the numerator by the denominator. The quotient is the whole number part of the mixed number. The remainder is the numerator of the fraction part. The denominator is the same as the denominator of the original fraction. For example: Given the fraction 17/5. 17 divided by 5 is 3 with a remainder of 2. The answer is 3 2/5.

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