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For e.g:if they asked 60% aggregate than see

simply understand aggregate means what ever your academic in those academic marks must and should have 60% don't calculate like all the academic and divide by the line answer must and should have 60% in all academic.

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Q: What do you mean by aggregate percentage of marks?
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How to calculate graduation marks in aggregate?

How to calculate aggregate marks in graduation.taking percentage of all subject or honers .tell me

How do you calculate aggregate percentage of marks obtained in class twlveth in cbse for the year 2004?

You can calculate the aggregate percentage of marks obtained in class twelfth in CBSE for the year 2004 by calculating it using a calculator. You use the formula to calculate it.

What will be the aggregate cgpa of 73.5 percent marks in diploma?

what will be the aggregate cgpa of 73.5% marks in ?diploma

Sir What is the aggregate marks if you have scored 239 out of 400?

Aggregate means Total Marks Obtained So you have obtained 239 Is ur Aggregate Mark from 400

Difference between percentage of marks and aggregate percentage in marks?

The percentage of marks refers to the specific percentage achieved in a single subject or exam, while the aggregate percentage in marks is the cumulative percentage derived from multiple subjects or exams. The percentage of marks provides insight into individual performance, whereas the aggregate percentage gives an overall view of performance across different subjects.

Did i know my aggregate?

did i know my enggineering aggregate percentage?

How do you calculate aggregate marks?

"Aggregate" simply means "sum of" so you just add them together.

What is the aggregate of marks you have scored in 4 years?


How do you calculate the aggregate percentage?

so stuid

How do you calculate cumulative percentage of marks?

You calculate overall percentage of engineering marks by taking the number of engineering marks and dividing it by the percentage. When you do that, you will get your average percentage of engineering marks.

How do you take out percentage of marks?

Suppose a test is worth X marks and you get Y marks. Then your percentage marks are100*(Y/X).

How do you calculate percentage of total marks?

It is: (marks gained)/(total possible marks) times 100 to find the percentage