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The project is in good shape and should finish early and within budget

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The project is in good shape and should finish early and within budget

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Q: What does it mean if a project has a Percent Spent of 90 percent Percent Scheduled of 85 percent and a percent Complete of 95 percent?
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The primary purpose of project time management is to develop and control the project schedule. Any project has a timeline by which it is expected to be completed and a well managed project is expected to complete by the set timelines. This is accomplished by performing the following components: 1. Define activities - Identify all the work activities that need to be scheduled to produce the project deliverables. 2. Sequence activities - Identify the dependencies among the activities that need to be scheduled so that they can be scheduled in the correct order. 3. Estimate activity resources - For each schedule activity, estimate the types of resources needed and the quantity for each type. 4. Estimate activity durations - Estimate the time needed to complete each schedule activity. 5. Develop schedule - Analyze the data created in the previous steps to develop the schedule. 6. Control schedule - Control changes to the project schedule.