What is K meaning after a number 1000K?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well let's say I had 1k dollars. I would have 1000 dollars. The K means thousand.

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Q: What is K meaning after a number 1000K?
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Is 1000k 1 million?

Technically, yes. One thousand can be abbreviated as 'k' so 1000k would be 1 million. 5k would be five thousand, 125k would be one hundred and twenty-five thousand and so on. However the symbol for one million is M so the number 1,000,000 would more appropriately be abbreviated as 1M.

What is the Fahrenheit temperature of 1000 K?

The Fahrenheit temperature of 1000 Kelvin is 1340 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is 1000K?

"1000K" is one million. "1K" is one thousand.

What does the roman number k equal?

It has no meaning. K is not a roman numeral.

What is meaning of K like in 35k 60k?

K means thousand. and after number means " kilo " of likes

What does k stand for when put after a number meaning money?

One thousand

How much is 1000k in American dollars?

it is 1billion dollars

What does 14kt GEG mean printed on the inside of a ring?


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How much is 24 k?

24k is 24,000You could do this by doing simple multiplication and do 24x1000, or add three zeros at the end of the number that has k, just think of the K as if it was meaning thousand

What is value of a 1913 one thousand dollar bill?

about 500k to 1000k

How far does a car travel in 10 hours when its speed is 100k?