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(2/3)x - 6 has a rational coefficient.

(sq root 2)x + 4 has an irrational coefficient.

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Q: What is a factor that is not the product of polynomials having integer coefficients?
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If a polynomial cannot be factored using integer coefficients then it is?

In that case, it may, or may not, be possible to factor it using non-integer coefficients.

How do you factor completely over the set of polynomials with integral coefficients x4-4x3 plus 14x2-4x plus 13?

(x^2 + 1)(x^2 - 4x + 13)

When two or more integers are multiplied is each integer a factor of the product?

That is correct.

When is then product of a negative integer and a positive integer less than both of its factors?

This is a clever question. I would say: "Always". To be more precise: The product is never greater than either factor, and if neither factor is ' 1 ', then the product is always less than both.

What is the probability that 2 randomly chosen binomials with integer coefficients share no common factors?

They will certainly share the factor 1. Other than that, the probability is 1: it is nearly a certainty that that they will not share another common factor..

How do you use inductive reasoning to prove the product of an odd integer and an even integer will always be even?

The product of an odd and even number will always have 2 as a factor. Therefore, it will always be even.

what is the factor of polynomials 6x+3?


How do you solve five equals x2 plus six x?

You write it as x2 + 6x - 5 = 0, and then do one of the following: 1) Factor the polynomial. Note that the product of two number is zero if one of the factors is zero. 2) Complete the square. 3) The most general method to use - for polynomials that are difficult to factor - is the quadratic formula. In this case, the coefficients are a = 1, b = 6, c = -5.

What is the rational zero theorem?

If a polynomial function, written in descending order, has integer coefficients, then any rational zero must be of the form ± p/q, where p is a factor of the constant term and q is a factor of the leading coefficient.

Do YOU care about how to factor a polynomial?

Do you care weather a random stranger on their computer cares how to factor polynomials. P.S. i do in fact care how to factor polynomials, but i'm most likely in the minority on this one.

When polynomial is a quadratic polynomial?

Whenever there are polynomials of the form aX2+bX+c=0 then this type of equation is know as a quadratic equation. to solve these we usually break b into two parts such that there product is equal to a*c and I hope you know how to factor polynomials.

2a2 - 5a plus 3 factor the following polynomials?

Multiply the first and last coefficients.2*3=6What two factors give you six but when combined give you -5-2 and -3Therefore2x-3)(x-1) will be the factored model.