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Negative numbers are not natural, but there are negative integers.

Examples are -1,-2,-3,-4, and so on.

These are all integers but none of them is a natural number.

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Q: What is a number that is an integer but is not a natural number?
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Is the number 4 irrational natural or integer?

It is a natural number and an integer.

Is - 22 a natural number or an integer or a real number?

It is not a natural number but it is an integer and a real number.

What real number is both integer and a natural number?

Real numbers consist of all numbers except complex numbers. Every integer is a natural number but every rational number is not a natural number as well as an integer. So, the answer to the question is integer.

Is 5 a natural numberwhole number integer rational number or irrational number?

5 is a natural number, as it is an integer greater than zero. It is a whole number, an integer, and a rational number.

Is - 20 a natural number?

No, -20 is not a natural number. It is an integer.

Is an integer a real number and a natural number?


Is 2.8 a natural number?

No it is not. If it is an integer eg. (1), it is a natural number

Is 9.3 a natural number?

No, it is not a natural number. It is not a whole, positive integer.

Is there an integer that is a natural number?

Any integer above starting at and including zero is a natural number. Anything below zero is not.

Can a natural number be an integet?

No, but it is an integer.

What is a whole number that is no a natural numbers?

A negative integer is a whole number but not a natural number.

Is 593 a natural number?

Yes - in mathematical definitions, a natural number is either a positive integer or a non-negative integer (the latter differs by the former in definition by incorporating 0). Since 593 is a positive integer, it is a natural number.