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Whole numbers are positive numbers and there are no fractions or decimals.

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Q: What is a positive number with no decimals or fractions?
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A positive number without fractions or decimals?

An example of a positive number without fractions or decimals is the whole number 7.

What is a positive number without fractions or decimals?

It is a counting number.

What do you call A positive number without fractions or decimals?

It is a positive whole number or integer

What is a whole positive or negative number?

A whole positive or negative number is an integer which has no decimals or fractions.

What can be positive or negative have no fractions or decimals?

There are no such numbers, because every number has a decimal representation. But you can have photo negatives and photo positives which will have no fractions or decimals.

What is an integer that is natural rational and whole number?

Integer: Negative numbers, zero, positive numbers. NO fractions/decimals Natural: Positive numbers. NO zero, negative numbers, fractions/decimals. Whole number: Positive numbers, zero. NO negative numbers, fractions/decimals. Therefore, a natural, rational, whole integer, would be: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, ...

What is positive whole number?

A positive number is one above zero, and a whole number is just that - whole - with no decimals or fractions and can be either positive or negative. An example of a positive whole number is 1, 2, 3, etc.

How do you do number line fractions?

fractions are represented in form of decimals

Do decimals always have to be a positive number?

Decimals can be positive or negative.

Examples for integers?

any negative or positive whole number Ex. -4, 6, -9, 7 Note: No decimals or fractions

How is fraction related to decimal?

They can show the same number, just in different ways. You can convert fractions into decimals or decimals into fractions.

What is a number without any fractions and decimals?

A whole number.