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1.00 in decimal = 1/1 in fraction

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Q: What is an equivalent fraction of 1.00 decimal?
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What is an equivalent fraction and decimal to 87 percent?

Fraction is 87/100 Decimal is 0.87

What is the equivalent decimal for the fraction 63 100?


5 percent as an decimal or fraction?

Decimal= .5. Fraction= 5/100 * * * * * No! Decimal = 0.05 Also, equivalent fraction = 1/20

What is a equivalent decimal for 3.71?

3 71/100 * * * * * That is an equivalent fraction but not a decimal. An equivalent decimal would be a number such as 3.710, or 3.71000

What is the equivalent fraction for the decimal number 0.61?

It is: 0.61 = 61/100 as a fraction

What is the fraction for 0.87?

0.87 is called a decimal fraction. The equivalent (ordinary) fraction is 87/100.

What fraction and decimal is equivalent to 48 percent?

48%:= 0.48 in decimal= 48/100 or 12/25 in fraction

What is the equivalent fraction for the decimal 0.51?

0.51 = 51/100

What is the fraction equivalent of the decimal 0.90?


How are fractions related to percentages?

Starting from a decimal fraction, a percentage is simply the decimal fraction with the decimal point moved two place to the right.If you have a rational fraction, you convert it to an equivalent fraction whose denominator is 100. Then the numerator of that equivalent fraction is the percentage.

75 percent as a fraction and decimal?

75 % equates to 75/100 as a fraction - this can be simplified to 3/4.As a decimal it is equivalent to 0.7575/100 and 0.75

What is 0.09 equivalent fraction?

0.09 is a fraction. It is a fraction in decimal form rather than in the form of a ratio. However, that does not stop it being a fraction. And, being a decimal, there is no equivalent form. Its rational equivalent is 9/100 which cannot be simplified.