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A fraction which is not in its most simple form, and therefore, can be reduced. For example, 5/10 is a reducible fraction because it can be simplified to 1/2.

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Q: What is reducible fraction?
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Is the fraction of 3 out of 52 reducible?

The fraction 3/52 cannot be reduced any more.

What is a non reducible fraction called?

It is in its simplest form or lowest terms.

What is the noun for reducible?

The noun form for the adjective 'reducible' is reducibility.

How do you use the word reducible in a sentence?

My weight is reducible, if I was committed to the diet.

What does reducible mean?

Reducible refers to a fraction that is not in its lowest terms. Ex. 27/90 To determine if a fraction is reducible check to see if there is a number that will divide into both terms. In this case both terms are divisible by the number 3. Dividing both by 3 yields 9/30. But each term here is also divisible by 3 yielding 3/10. Neither term is further divisible by any same whole number, thus this fraction is now irreducible.

What is reducible interest?

Reducible interest is interest calculated as a percentage of the amount that remains owing on a loan.

What is a sentence using reducible?

Fermented forms of alcohol are reducible into more potent brews by the process of distillation.

What is 835 divided by 4?


Is 43 out of 50 reducible?

no it is not reduceable

What is an equivalent fraction to 4 and three fifths?

4 3/5 is equal to the improper fraction 23/5. It could also be represented by reducible fractions such as 46/10, 69/15, or 92/20.

What are polynomials that have factors called?

Reducible polynomials.

Can 16 over 21 be reduced?

For a fraction to be reducible, the top and bottom must have a factor in common. 16 factors to [2 2 2 2] 21 factors to [3 7] There are no common factors, so the fraction cannot be reduced.■

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