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66.666666667% would be 2/3 as a fraction.

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Q: What is sixty six and two thirds percent in a fraction?
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What is sixty six and two thirds percent in a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, 66 2/3% is equal to 0.6 recurring, or 0.6666...

What is two thirds of sixty-six?


What is an equivalent fraction for six an two thirds?

20 thirds

What is two thirds of six pounds in fraction?

Two thirds of six pounds is four pounds !

What is one thirds of sixty six?

1/3 of 66 is 22

What are two thirds of sixty six?

(66÷3) × 2 = 44

How do you turn six and ywo thirds into a fraction?

Spell it correctly so that it reads six and two thirds.

What is sixty six and two thirds of 279?

279*662/3 = 18600

What is 6.666 in a fraction form?

six and two thirds

What is the equivalent percent for 2 out of 3?

662/3% (sixty-six and two-thirds percent) or 66.6666666666...% (it is a repeating decimal, so the sixes after the decimal point are ongoing. This can also be represented by putting a bar over the six in the tenths place.)

How much percent of Poland was flooded in 2010?

sixty six percent

What is the simplest fraction form for six-nineths?