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The GCF is 5x2

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Q: What is the GCF of 15x to the 2 power and 35x to the 2 power?
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What is gcf of 15x^4 and 35x^2?

Since −35x3,15x4 - 35 x 3 , 15 x 4 contain both numbers and variables, there are two steps to find the GCF (HCF). Find GCF for the numeric part then find GCF for the variable part.

What is the GCF of 30x squared and 45x?

The GCF of 30 x^2 and 45x is 15x. The GCF of 30 and 45 is 15, and the GCF of x squared and x is x.

What is the greatest common factor of -30x to the second power y to the third plus 15x to the second y to the second plus 60x to the fourth y to the third?

The GCF is 15x^2y^2

Greatest common factor of 35x power 2 and 7xy power 2 and 21x power 2y power 2?

gcf(35x², 7xy², 21x²y²) = 7x 35x² = 5 times 7 times x² 7xy² = 7 times x times y² 21x²y² = 3 times 7 times x² times y² hcf = 7 times x = 7x (I've written the multiplication as times instead of using the × symbol to avoid confusion with the unknown x.)

How do you solve -15X equals -5 times 3X plus 2?

-15x=-5*3x+2 -15x=-15x+2 +15x +15x ----------------- 0=2

What is the GCF of 2 to the secon power and 2 to the 9th power?

The GCF is 2^2.

Factor 15X to the fourth power plus 10X to the third power?

5x^3(3x + 2)

What is the answer -x - 2 plus 15x?

-x - 2 + 15x = 14x - 2

What is the gcf of 24 rs by the power of 2 and 32r by the power of 2 s?

The GCF is 8rs.

What is the gcf of 13x to the power of 2 and 39xy to the power of 4?

The GCF is 13x

What is the GCf of- 27x to the power of 2 y to the power of 3 and 46 x to the power of 2 y?

The GCF is 1.

What is 6 over 5x minus 2 over 3x in simplest form?

6/5x = 18/15x 2/3x = 10/15x 18/15x - 10/15x = 8/15x

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