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Three fourths (3/4).

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Q: What is the fraction of states that must agree to change the constitution?
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какая разница между I agree и I do agree?

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Is all 50 states ratifying the constitution today?

The first 13 states ratified the Constitution. As new states were added, they had to agree to be a part of the Constitution but did not ratify it.

Why was the fraction three-quarters chosen to represent several states in Article 5 of the US Constitution?

Article V requires that for an Amendment to the Constitution to be effective, it must be approved by either three-quarters of the legislatures or Constitutional conventions of all the states. This fraction was chosen because the framers of the Constituton agreed that the Constitution itself had to be approved by the 3/4 of the states. Since approval of 3/4 of the states was needed to approve the Constitution in the first place, it made sense to require the same percentage of states to agree to amend it.

What made the states agree to the US Constitution?

They got what was demanded

What word is used if you agree to change the us constitution?


How many states have to agree to anamendment?

In the Constitution it says that 3/4 of the States have to agree to ratify an amendment."....when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States..."

All laws must agree with what document?

All laws must agree with the United States Constitution. If a law does not abide by the constitution, it can be challenged by the Supreme court.

How many states had to approve the Constitution before it went into affect?

at least 9 states had to agree

States are allowed to make their own laws as long as?

Either the congress approves, they agree with laws in other states, they agree with the United States constitution, and the president approves them.

States are allowed to make their own laws as long as what?

either the congress approves them,they agree with laws in other states,they agree with the united states constitution,or the president approves them.

Did all the newly formed states originally agree with the wording of the US Constitution?


Did all the States have to agree the Constitution?

No not all the states were eager to ratify the constitution, there had been a lot of compromise that went into it and not all of the states were happy and it took years before all of the states agreed to it.

What issuses the largest and smallest states didnot agree wen they were drafting the US constitution?

On what issues thee largest and smallest states did not agreewhen they were drafting the US constitution?