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The fraction of the repeating decimal 0.7... is 7/9

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Q: What is the fraction of the repeating decimal 0.7...?
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Is the fraction 13 a terminating or repeating decimal?

It is a repeating decimal.

How can a repeating decimal turn into fraction?

decimal and repeating bar

How do you write the repeating decimal 1.1 as a fraction?

repeating decimal 1.1 as a fraction = 10/9

How do you convert 0.2 a repeating decimal into a fraction?

0.2 a repeating decimal into a fraction = 2/9

How do you determine whether you can write a given decimal as a fraction?

If the decimal is terminating or repeating then it can be written as a fraction. Decimal representations which are non-terminating and non-repeating cannot be expressed as a fraction.

How can a decimal greater than 1 be a repeating decimal?

A decimal number is like a mixed fraction: it has an integer part and a fractional part. If the fractional part is a repeating fraction then the whole number is represented by a repeating decimal.

Can every rational fraction be written as a repeating decimal?

Any rational number is either a repeating decimal, or a terminating decimal.

When a fraction is changed to decimal and the remainder is zero the decimal is called?

a repeating decimal

What is 2.78 repeating?

It is a fraction in decimal form.

What is the fraction twenty nine over seven as a repeating decimal?

29/7 as a repeating decimal is 4.'142857' repeating '142857'

What is the fraction for the decimal 0.666666?

The fraction 2/3 is expressed as the infinitely repeating decimal 0.666666666.....

What is the fraction equivalent to the repeating decimal 3.242424?

The fraction equivalent to the repeating decimal 3.242424 in lowest terms is: 405303/125000