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There is no such number, but is is a tiny, minuscule, fraction below zero. But half that fraction is a higher negative number. And half of THAT fraction is higher still. And so on.

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Q: What is the highest negative number?
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What is greater when one number is positive and one number is negative?

you would know because it is the postive that is the highest number. not the negative

Which is highest - 12 or 2?

2 is highest than 12. Because -12 is a negative number.

What metal has the highest negative potential?

Lithium has the highest negative potential of -3.045 volts

Why is -1 the highest value negative integer?

The highest integer after -1 is 0, which is not negative. Anything higher than -1 is non-negative, therefore -1 is the highest.

What is the longest possible number that is also the smallest number?

The longest number that would also be the smallest would be the highest number counted to just made into its negative form.

What is the negative of a negative number?

The negative of a negative number is a positive number.

What is a negative number divided by a negative number?

A negative number divided by a negative number is a positive number.

What does a negative number plus a negative number equal?

A negative plus a negative still gives a negative answer.

What is a negtive number subtracted by a negative number equal?

negative number subtracted FROM a negative number will be negative

Does a negative number minus a negative number equal a positive or negative number?


Is a negative number added to a negative number positive or negative?

The answer to a problem that has a negative number added to a negative number would be negative.It would be a negative

What does a negative number multiplied by a negative number equal to?

A positive number. Positive Number x Positive Number = Positive Number Positive Number x Negative Number = Negative Number Negative Number x Negative Number = Positive Number

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