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The independent variable is the number of tickets purchased and the dependent variable is the amount of money spent.

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Q: What is the independent and dependent quantity of the amount of money spent at the movies increases with the number of tickets purchased?
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When Quantity demanded is dependent on price then why independent variable price is on y axis in graph?

price is dependent or independent?quantity

What is the dependent variable in an experiment to determine whether drinking caffeinated soda increases pulse rate?

The pulse rate, since it's dependent on the quantity of caffeine, which is the changeable, independent variable.

How do researchers determine which of the variables are dependent or independent?

The variable that you can manipulate in the experiment is always the independent variable. The quantity that changes as a result of your manipulation is the dependent variable.

Is x dependent or independent?

x is commonly used as a variable to present some quantity, but I cannot say whether this is dependent or independent without knowing what x represents or to what you are asking it is independent from.

How can an independent variable be identified?

It is the quantity that is controlled. The dependent variable is the one that changes accordingly: it depends on the first one.

Which quantity is almost always an independent variable?

There is no such quantity. Time is often cited as an example but it is always the dependent variable when studying the periodicity of pendulums, or waiting time in queues.

What are the independent and dependent variables of adding salt water to boiling water?

The quantity of salt added to water is under your control and it will change the boiling point of water,i,e. the temperature of water. So quantity of salt is an independent variable while the temperature of water is dependent variable, when other factors are kept constant.

If a quantity increases as a second quantity increases and decreases as the second quantity decreases the two quantities are said to be?


What is the difference between saying that one quantity is proportional to another and saying it is equal to another?

When one quantity is proportional to another, it indicates that one quantity is dependent on the other by a factor and increases/decreases with the other quantity. When the two quantities are equal, the output of both the quantities is said to be the same.

How do we use variables in the real wold?

Use variables to represent two quantities in a real-world problem that change in relationship to one another; write an equation to express one quantity, thought of as the dependent variable, in terms of the other quantity, thought of as the independent variable. Analyze the relationship between the dependent and independent variables using graphs and tables, and relate these to the equation.

What is a easy definition of an independent variable?

Independent variables, namely a quantity change will not cause except the dependent variable other than the amount of change. Only by the independent variables to a physical quantities to express, it is by the function relation is correct The dependent variable, a quantity change will cause in addition to other than the dependent variable amount change. Put the dependent variables as independent variable, is to determine the relationship between a big physical quantities. Variables, it is to point to have no fixed value, can change the number Constant DuoZhong type, and every type is there is a data type, have integers, bytes, characters, floating point, enumeration, etc.

The quantity of a product that will be purchased at a given price is the?

quantity demanded

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