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The answer will differe from country to country. Not only that, but the definition of minorities will differ.

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Q: What is the percentage of minorities in the workforce?
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What percentage of the US workforce is employed by the military?

Less than 1% of the US workforce is employed by the military.

What percentage of the workforce is over 40 years old?

Percentage of the workforce over 40 years old is 70%

What percentage of the workforce is mining?


How workforce diversity effect on performance and satisfaction?

Workforce diversity creates satisfaction for the minorities. It is frustrating for the majority because it appears that they are favored. The minority is thrilled they have an opportunity for equality in the workplace.

What difficulties did women and minorities face in wartime work force?

The biggest difficulty minorities and women faced in the workforce during World War 2 was being thrust into unfamiliar jobs

What percentage of the total workforce is this?

Exactly 0 per cent.

What percentage of US workforce is made up of contingent workers?

2% (:

What is the national rate of unemployment?

The percentage of the total U.S workforce without jobs.

What is the percentage of Counseling Psychology professionals are working in today's workforce?

made by china

Do white women have more out of wedlock births in US?

No. Minorities have more , percentage wise.

What percentage of the civilian workforce in the US performs marketing activities?

25 to 33 percent.

How many gay people are in the workforce?

The same percentage as that of the general population -- roughly 1 to 10 percent, depending on exactly how you define"gay."