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89 is a Prime number between 70 and 100 that has the ones digit one greater than the tens digit.

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Q: What is the prime number between 70 and 100 if the ones digit is 1 more than the tens digit?
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You are a 2 digit number between 30 and 80 your tens digit is one more than your ones digit you are a prime number what number are you?


Why can a prime number not have 0 as its digit?

Everything that has 0 as its digit can be divided by both 2, and 5 as well as many more. Therefore it cannot be a prime number.

What number is a odd prime number and the ones digit is 8 more than its ten digit?

The number you're looking for is.... 19

Is 50 prime or composite?

The number 50 is composite. Any two-digit (or more-digit) number that ends in zero can be divided evenly by 10 (and 5 and 2, for that matter). That means no two- or more-digit number ending in 0 can be prime.

What four digit number has digit 1 three less than digit 4 which is one more than digit 2 which is twice digit 3 which is not a prime number and is more than 13 of digit 4?

6849 and 0213

What is the prime number of 100 sum of the digits is 4 and the tens digit is two more then the ones digit?


How many 5 digit prime numbers are there?

An on-line prime number chart ended at 10007. There are many more charts available for download. So the answer is that there are many five digit prime numbers.

Is every 2 digit prime number?

No because a prime number has only two factors which are itself and one as for example 19 is a prime number but 18 is a composite number because it has more than two factors.

You are thinking of a 2-digit odd number less than a 100 it is a prime number that is 6 more than a square number and 13 less than another square number what are you?

87 is the only 2-digit number that is 6 greater and 13 less than a square, but it is not prime.

What is a number with more than one digit?

A double digit number, triple digit number........

What two prime numbers equal a 400 digit number?

I'm sure there are more than 2 prime numbers that are 400 digits long.

What three digit number has the most factors?

Using prime factorization, there are 2 three digit numbers with 9 factors: 512 and 768. There are no three digit numbers with 10 or more prime factors. 512=2^9 and 768=3*2^8

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