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The fraction is simply the number over 1000, so 21/1000. Actually dividing gives the decimal, 0.021.

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Q: What is twenty-one thousandths as a fraction and a decimal number?
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Was the value of 8 thousandths?

8 thousandths is 8/1000 as a fraction or 0.008 as a decimal number.

Can there be a number after the thousandths place in fraction decimal?

Yes, a number in the ten thousandths place. And then in the hundred thousandths and so on. There need not be any end.

How do you write 8 thousandths as a mixed number?

You cannot, because 8 thousandths is less than one, so there is no 'mixing' to be done. If it were 1 and 8 thousandths, then the mixed number would be 1 8/1000, or as a decimal fraction, 1.008. The decimal fraction 8 thousandths could be written 0.008, and as a fraction, 8/1000

How do you write 20 one thousandths as a fraction And as a decimal number?

20/1000 0.020

How is fifteen thousandths written as a number?

If you mean a fraction, it is: 15/1,000 If you mean a decimal: 0.015

How do you write twenty three and forty thousandths?

Twenty-three and forty-thousandths can be written as a decimal fraction as 23.04. Forty thousandths is the same fraction as four hundredths, and thus, as a vulgar fraction, the number can be written as 23 4/100.

What is the name of a number that has a digit in the tenths place hundredths place and beyond?

The name of such a number is a decimal number. The digits after the decimal point represent tenths, hundredths, thousandths, and so on.

How would you write 0.103 in a fraction?

To write 0.103 as a fraction, you need to identify the place value of the decimal. The decimal number 0.103 is in the thousandths place. As a fraction, it can be written as 103/1000.

What is the decimal number for four hundred-thousandths?

The decimal number for four hundred-thousandths is 0.00004

How do you write the decimal 2.324 in words fraction or a mixed number?

Two and three hundred twenty four thousandths.

What number is 536 thousandths in decimal notation?

536 thousandths in decimal notation is 0.536

What is 0.017?

This is a decimal expression for the fraction 17/1000. The first number to the right of the decimal point represents the number of tenths. In this question there are 0 tenths. The second number represents hundredths . There is 1 hundredth. The third number represents thousandths . There are 7 thousandths. Rather than say one hundredth and seven thousandths, the equality is used that 1 hundredth = 10 thousandths. The number then becomes 10 + 7 = 17 thousandths.