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Prime factorization.

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Prime factorisation.

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Q: What method would be useful to find the Least common multiple of a group of four number?
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A common multiple of two or more fractions?

Any number can be a common multiple of two or more fractions. The concept of common multiples is useful only in the context of multiples of integers.

What is the shop keeper's method?

The shopkeeper's method, also known as the method of complements, is a technique used in mental math to subtract a number by adding the complement of that number to the next higher multiple of 10. This method is particularly useful for subtracting numbers close to multiples of 10.

Why is LCM useful?

The lowest common multiple is useful in doing fraction addition. If you use any common multiple then you will need to do more reducing in the answers.

Why is it important to know a prime number?

The knowledge of prime numbers is useful when finding the lowest common multiple or the highest common factor of two or more numbers.

Greatest Common Factor of 275?

"Greatest common factor" and "least common multiple" only give useful information for more than one number. The greatest common factor of any number would be the same number - in this case, 275.

What does the term greatest common multiple mean?

The term Greatest Common Multiple has no meaning; there is no such thing as a greatest multiple. There are the terms: Lowest Common Multiple (LCM) which is the smallest positive (whole) number which is a multiple of two, or more, numbers. eg LCM(4, 10) = 20 as 20 is the first number greater than 0 which is a multiple of both 4 and 10. Highest Common Factor (HCF), or Greatest Common Factor (GCF) which is the largest positive (whole) number that divides into all the numbers (without remainder); this can also said to be the largest positive number (whole) number which has all the numbers as some multiple of it. eg HCF(25, 60) = 5 since 5 is the highest positive (whole) number which divides into 25 and 60 (without remainder). The Lowest Common Factor of any set of numbers is 1 as 1 is the smallest positive (whole) number and it divides into every other (whole) number without remainder; this is not very useful.

Which method below could provide an estimate for the number of mailboxes in a neighborhood?

There is no useful or suitable method shown on the list below.

What are the least common multiples of the numbers?


Why are prime factors important?

They can help you to find the Lowest Common Multiple and Highest Common Factor of numbers which is useful when dealing with fractions.

The definition of Common multiples?

In arithmetic and number theory, the least common multiple or lowest common multiple (lcm) or smallest common multiple of two integers a and b is the smallest positive integer that is a multiple of both a and b. Since it is a multiple, it can be divided by a and b without a remainder. If there is no such positive integer, e.g., if a = 0 or b = 0, then lcm(a, b) is defined to be zero.) For example, the least common multiple of the numbers 4 and 6 is 12. When adding or subtracting vulgar fractions, it is useful to find the least common multiple of the denominators, often called the lowest common denominator. For instance, : where the denominator 42 was used because lcm(21, 6) = 42.

What is the difference between the GCF and th GCM of 18 and 360?

-- The difference is that the 'GCF' is a well respected and very useful conceptin arithmetic, whereas there is no such thing as the 'GCM'.-- The Greatest Common Factor of 18 and 360 is 18 .-- There is no Greatest Common Multiple. If someone walks in with number thathe claims is the Greatest Common Multiple of 18 and 360, simply add 360 to itand you'll have a new common multiple that's greater than his number.-- The Least Common Multiple of 18 and 360 is 360 .-- The difference between the GCF and the LCM of 18 and 360 is 342 .

What is a Real life situation using LCM?

Adding or subtracting fractions requires the use of a common multiple. It is rare that the LEAST common multiple is required - it is useful to keep the numbers small and manageable.