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42, (2 times 3 times 7).

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Q: What number has a prime factorization of 2x3x7?
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Is the prime factorization of 42 is 21 x 2?

No. Prime factorization is the method of expressing a number as the product of prime numbers. So, Prime factorization of 42 = 2x3x7

What is the prime factorization of42?


What is the prime factorization of the composite number 42?

42=2x21 21=3x7 PF=2x3x7 The PF (Prime Factorization) of 42 is 2x3x7.(Sorry, I couldn't do a factor tree, there are always helpful to use when doing prime factorization, but since this is the computer, I could only do it like the following above.)

How do you write out the prime factorization of a prime number?

The prime number is the prime factorization. For example, the prime factorization of the prime number 3 is 3. Get it?

Is 53 prime factorization number?

53 is a prime number so there is no relevant prime factorization for it.

What number has 2x2x2x2x3 as its prime factorization?

The only number with that prime factorization has to be 48.

What is the prime factorization of 421?

421 is a prime number so it does not have prime factorization.

What makes a factorization of a number a prime factorization?

When all the factors are prime numbers, that's a prime factorization.

Can a number greater than 100 have only 1 number in it's prime factorization?

Yes. Any prime number greater than 100 has only itself in its prime factorization. Examples: The prime factorization of 101 is 101. The prime factorization of 109 is 109. The prime factorization of 127 is 127. The prime factorization of 311 is 311. The prime factorization of 691 is 691.

How do you know without dividing that 91 is not in the prime factorization of 75257?

91 cannot be in the prime factorization of any number because it is not a prime number itself.

What is the prime factor of 19?

19 is a prime number, so it has no prime factorization.

What are the factors and prime factors of 42?

The prime factorization of 42 is 2x3x7. The prime factors are 2, 3, and 7. There are eight total factors of 42: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 14, 21, and 42.