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All numbers have square roots. You may have meant which factors of 40 are perfect squares. That's 1 and 4.

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Q: What number has a square root that is a factor for the product 40?
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What is a factor of a repeated product?

the square root

Find square root of a number?

first, you take a number. for my example, I'll use 12. 12x12= 144. 144 would be the square number, and 12 would be the square root. clarification: if you multiply a number by itself, the product isn't the square root, the factor is. and if your really stupid, here's this: 12x12=144 F F P F means factor P means product. happy now?

What is the Equal Factor of a number?

A square root.

What number between between 100 and 300 has a square root that is a prime number and the sum of it's digits is an odd number?

There can't be a prime number that has a square root because the square root would be a factor of the number.

What is the square root of -247?

The square root of a number is equal to the product of the roots of two factors of that number. -247 can be written as -1x247. The square root of -1 is i. The square root of 247 is approximately 15.716. Thus, the square root of -247 is 15.716i

A number used as a factor two times?

A number used as a factor two times is a square root.

Is the product of two irrational numbers always an irrational number?

No. The square root of two is an irrational number. If you multiply the square root of two by the square root of two, you get two which is a rational number.

What is a square root of an number?

The square root of an number, is the number that is times by itself to make the product. For example, the square root of 25 is 5 because 5 x 5 equals 25. Or the square root of 144 is 12 (12x12=144)

What is the square root formula?

The formula of square root is basic once you learn it. To figure out the square root of a number you must know what a square number is. A square number is the product of a multiplication problem such as 7x7, 123x123 and 14x14. So the square root of 7 is 49. A trick to figuring out the square root of a number is adding consecutive odd number to the previous problem.

What is the difference between a square and a rectangular number?

A square number is the product of the same two integers. A rectangular number is the product of consecutive integers.

How would you find the square root of 64.36 using a factor tree?

The square root of 64.36 is an irrational number. Consequently you cannot find the root using a factor tree.

Product of a number is and its square is 200 then the no is?

The cube root of 200, which is 5.848.

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