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what number is not a prime factor

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Q: What number is not a prime factor of 100?
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Are 100 and 202 relatively prime?

No, 100 and 202 are not relatively prime. Relatively prime numbers only have the number 1 as a common factor. The number 1 is a common factor for them, but the number 2 is another common factor that they have, so they are not relatively prime.

Is a factor a prime number?

A factor can or cannot be a prime number Ex: 2 is the factor of all other even numbers its a prime number but 9 is a factor of 18 and its not a prime number A prime is a factor but a factor being a prime number varies

Is 100 a prime number?

no because 25 is a factor and it is not the number 1 or its self

What number goes into 23 and 100?

1 is the only factor common to the prime number 23 and 100.

What is the gratest prime factor of 100?

Five is the greatest prime factor of 100.

Which number between 50 and 100 only has the prime factor 2?


Which number between 50 and 100 only have the prime factor of 2?


How do you find the greatest prime factor by using prime factorization?

Prime factorization is a way to express every composite number as the product of prime numbers(or prime factors). Let us consider the number 100. Prime factorization of 100 = 2 x 2 x 5 x 5. It can be seen that there are two distinct prime factors: 2 and 5. And 5 is the greatest prime factor. 100 can be expressed as 2 x 50. The only prime factor we have in this expression is 2 and this makes us to think that 2 is the only prime factor of 100, which is untrue. So with the help of prime factorization it is possible to find all the prime factors and the greatest prime factor.

What is a two digit number that is a prime number and a factor of 100 and 1000?

The two-digit factors of 100 and 1000 are all composite.

How do you solve a prime factor of 13?

13 is a prime number. The only prime factor of a prime number is the number itself.

What is a factor of a number that is also a prime number?

That's a prime factor.

What is a composite factor?

A composite factor is a factor that is a composite number, as opposed to a prime factor which is a factor that is a prime number.