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When a composite number is expressed as a product of its prime factors, the prime factorization of the composite number has been performed.

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Q: What occurs when the composite number is expressed as a number of factors that are all prime?
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What occurs when a composite number is expressed as a product of factors that are all prime?

The prime factorization.

Why does 16 have an odd number of factors?

It's a square number. Square numbers have a factor pair that is the same number twice. When listed, that number occurs once.

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What is the LCM on 7 10 and 3?

210You could list the multiples of each number until you reach 210, but that is time-consuming and unnecessary. You can determine the LCM by prime factorization.Prime factorize each number.7: 1 x 710: 2 x 53: 1 x 3Multiply each prime factor the greatest number of times it occurs in any one factorization. Listing the factors from least to greatest: the most number of times 1 occurs is once, 2 occurs once, 3 occurs once, 5 occurs once, and 7 occurs once. Multiply the prime factors to get the LCM.LCM = 2 x 3 x 5 x 7 = 210

Find the smallest integer k such that 756k is a perfect cube?

Factor 756 into prime factors. Then add additional prime factors, such that each prime factor occurs a number of times that is a multiple of 3. The product of the additional prime factors is "k".

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Distinct prime factors are the prime factors that are distinct (or different) from each other. A list of distinct prime factors is a list of one of each different prime number that is a factor. For example, the prime factors of 8 are 2, 2, and 2. The only distinct prime factor is 2, which occurs multiple times.