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Q: What percent is a solution containing 150 mg of active substance in 20 ml?
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How much active ingredients is in a preparation containing 2 percent of drug if the product size is 30 g?


How many liters of a 40 percent acid solution must be added to 100 liters of a 25 percent solution to obtain a 30 percent solution?

Suppose L litres are required.@ 40% it will contain 0.4L of the active ingredient.Then total volume of mixture = L + 100 litresand volume of active ingredient = 0.4L + 25 litresThe strength is (0.4L + 25)/(L + 100) = 30% = 0.3(0.4L + 25) = 0.3*(L + 100)0.4L + 25 = 0.3*L + 300.1L = 5L = 50 litres.

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