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Q: When adding two mixed numbers is it always necessary to rename the fractional sum?
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When adding two mixed numbers is it always necessary to rename the fractional sum explain?

Only if the fraction is improper (greater than one).

when adding mixed numbers,is it always necessary to write the sum as a mixed number Explain?

what is 2+@

Can you get even result by adding any five odd numbers?

No - adding an odd quantity of odd numbers will always result in an odd number.

What is the limitation of adding two odd numbers?

There is no limitation. If you have two odd numbers, you can ALWAYS add them.

When adding two positive rational numbers will the sum always be zero?


Why does adding two odd numbers give you an even number?

Adding two numbers can never yield an odd number - since all odd numbers are divisible by 1 - and adding 1 to 1 always yields 2 !

What are two even numbers that when added you get odd numbers?

That is not possible; adding two even numbers always gives an even number

Is the sum of two odd numbers an even numbers?

Yes, when adding two odd numbers together the sum will always be an even number.

Is it always true that two negatives make a positive?

Adding two negative numbers will always be negative. Subtracting two negative numbers may be positive or negative. Dividing or multiplying two negative numbers will always be positive.No

When subtracting two mixed numbers is it always necessary to rename one of the wholes?


When adding two negative rational numbers the sum will be negative sometimes never always?


How do you make 92 with consecutive numbers?

Adding consecutive pairs of numbers will always turn out to be an odd number. It would have to be consecutive odd numbers: 45 and 47.