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between 4 and 6

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Q: Where would 5 go on a number line?
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Graph -5 on the number line?

Go what equals 5 units to the left

What number is between 5 and 5?

There is no number between 5 and 5. It is the same point on the number line and a word like between would imply a space from one point to the next on the number line.

Can 48724 go into 5?

any number can go into any number. its just a matter of will it go into that number with the answer being a whole number. your answer is no... 48724 can not go into 5 as a whole number. your answer would be 0.000102619 if 5 went into 48724 it would still not be a whole number. it would be 9744.8

How can you use a number line to show that 5 equals 5 and -5 equals 5?

are you kidding me?-9_-8_-7-6_-5_-4_-3_-2_-1_0_1_2_3_4_5_6_7_8_9there is your number line, go on from there.

Where does 4.92 go on a number line?

Very close to 5 however to the left of it.

What is 5 over 10?

5 past 10 on a number line would leave you at 15.

How do you put numbers on a number line?

A number line is composed of numbers in sequential order from a number A to a number B. For example, 1 2 3 4 5 would be a number line, if the numbers were arranged on a line with small "ticks" in order to define them. 5 4 3 2 1 would also be a number line, in a negative manner. Anything on the left of a number line is considered negative, anything on the right of a number line and the number 0 is considered positive.

How do you add positive and negative integers?

Use a number line for example: -5 _ _ _ _ 0 _ _ _ _ 5 if you have -5 and you add 10 then you will go up ten on the number line. (the lines are spots for numbers) so -5+10=5

What number would go into 221 and 5?

Only the number 1.

Is negative 7 greater than negative 5?

No negative 5 is greater than negative 7. Remember, when you go right on a number line the amount of what you have gets bigger. If you go left on the number line the amount you have gets smaller. In terms, think of this. If you were sitting at $-5, how would you get to negative $-7? You'd go left(spend)? So this means that the amount is getting smaller.

Where is -5 at the number line?

Left of the 0 figure on the number line.

How many units is it from -5 to 5 on the number line?

10 To find the units from any two integers on the number line, subtract one number from the other, and the absolute value of that number is the answer. In this case, you would write -5 - 5 = -10 or 5 - -5 = 10. The absolute value of both answers is 10.

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