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4/6 into a decimal and a percentage = 0.6667 ; 66.67%

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Q: What is the fraction four sixth's coverted into a decimal and a percentage?
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What is the fraction five thirty sixths as decimal?

fraction five thirty sixths as decimal = 0.13895/36:= 5 ÷ 36= 0.1389 in decimal

What is five and five sixths in a decimal and as a percentage?

To express this as a decimal you have to treat the fraction part as a division. five sixths is 5/6 which works out at 0.8333rec Thus as a decimal, five and five sixths is 5.8333... To convert to a percentage, you just multiply by 100: 5.8333... x 100 = 583.333... Thus as a percentage this is 583.333...%

Five Sixth equals what percentage?

A fraction is not the same as a percentage. If you want the decimal equivalent of five sixths (5/6), it is 0.83333333333

What is four sixths as a decimal?

four sixths as a decimal is 0.66667

What is three sixths in decimal form?

When you ever want to convert a fraction to a decimal, just divide the numerator by the denominator. Three sixths = 3/6. 3 divided by 6 = 0.5 Hope that helped.

Which of these fraction is equivalent three sixths fore sixths two sixths?

It is two sixths

Five sixths is equal to what decimal?

The fraction five-sixths would be equal to the decimal zero point eight three three three. If written numerical it would look like this 5/16=0.8333.

What is the fraction fifth sixths in decimal form?

1/6th equals 0.1666. Times 5 equals 0.83333333333333333333333333333333...

What is one sixths as a percentage?

It is: 1/6 times 100 = 16.67% rounded to two decimal places

What is five-sixths rounded to the nearest fraction?

It is five sixths.

What is seven and five sixths as an improper fraction?

it is 47 sixths

What is 3.83333333 as a fraction?

3 and five sixths or 23 sixths.

What is the decimal for four sixths?

Four sixths = two thirds = 0.66

What is 1 and five sixths in a decimal?

1 and five sixths = 1.8333 . . .

How is the fraction four sixths greater than five sixths?

It isn't.

What is eleven sixths as a decimal?


What is fifteen sixths as a decimal?


What is one sixths as a decimal?


What is 5 sixths as a decimal?


What is 3 and 2 sixths as a decimal?

3.333333333333333333 (repeating decimal)

What is bigger three quarters or five sixths?

Five sixths is the bigger fraction.

How do you write eight and five sixths as an improper fraction?

Expressed as an improper fraction, this is equal to 53/6 or fifty-three sixths.

What's three-sixths as a decimal?

0.5 is.

What decimal is equivalent to two sixths?


Five sixths as a decimal?

0.833333333333333333333 repeating