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It means that your reaction is extremely efficient, that your product is stable and that there are no side products. Your lab skills are also very good.

However, if you're an undergrad, you likely haven't checked the purity of this. It is likely to be contaminated with some of the excess starting material, catalyst, or side products

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Q: What does it mean when the percent yield is 100 percent?
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What does it mean if the percent yield is over 100?

It is an error (in science).

If you calculated a percentage yield of 100 percent what does this mean?

You did something wrong in your calculation or you have some impurity. You never get 100% yield.

How is percent yield caculated?

Percent yield = (actual yield/expected yield) x 100

Dividing the actual yield by the theoretical and multiplying it by 100 is called?

calculating the percent yield.

Is experimental yield the same as percent yield or actual yield?

The percentage yield is the Actual Yield divided by the Theoretical Yield, all multiplied by 100. Percentage = [(Actual)/(Theoretical)] x 100

Why is the percent yield above 100?

a percent yield will be above 100 if the product used are wet or more likely impure.

Why don't reactions give us a 100 percent yield?

why don't reactions give us a 100 percent yield?

How is percent yield calculated?


What if i don't know the yield percent?

Do you need it? Are you being told to calculate it? percent yield = (actual yield) divided by (theoretical yield) x 100

If the actual yield of Mg3N2 is 47.87 g and the theoretical is 50.26 g What is the percent yield?

Percent yield = Actual Yield / Theoretical Yield * 100 hope that helps :)

What is the Formula for percentage yield?

Percentage yield = (Actual yield / Theoretical yield) x 100% The percentage yield for a reaction is a value between 0 to 100 percent.

What is the percent yield of 122 grams of product?

If this is the actual yield, real amount produced, then you need the theoretical yield to find the percent yield. % yield = (actual yield / theoretical yield) x 100