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Yes. Let's take 100 as an example. When you add 15 percent you get 115. Now when you take 15 percent you are taking the 15 percent from a larger number. 15 percent of 115 is 17.25 so when you subtract 17.25 from 115 you get 97.75.

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Q: Why when you add 15 percent then take away 15 percent is it different?
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How do you take 15 percent off a figure?

work out 10% and then half it, add the two together and take it away from the first number

Does product mean take away or add?

take away it is deacreasing

Does evaporation add or take away energy?

it takes away really

Does a credit add to or take away from a contra asset account?

A credit would take away.

How do you change percentages to decimals and decimals to percentages?

Decimal to percent- move the decimal 2 (two) places to the right and add the percent sign. percent to decimal- move the decimal 2 (two) places to the left and take away the percent sign.

How does one find the percent of a sum?

To find the percent of anything, you change the percent to a decimal, and multiply. Finding the percent of a sum is no different. ex: 10% of (30 + 100) I can use the distributive property to take 10% of 30, then add 10% of 100. .10(30 + 100) = .10*30 + .10*100 = 3 + 10 = 13 In order to see how this works, let's not distribute. .10(30+100) and instead, add 30 +100 first, then take the percent. .10(130) = 13 We get the same answer! You can take the percent of the whole thing, or you can take the percent of the pieces that add up to the whole.

How do you add the suffix able to notice?

take away the e then add the suffix.

What can you add but not take away?

Sugar Insult to injury.

How do you add 15 percent to a total?

Take your total and multiply it with 1.15.

How do you add 15 percent to a number?

take your total and multiply it by 1.15

What is -7 take away -5 then add -2?


When does mass change?

Mass NEVER changes unless you add matter, or take matter away. If you don't take matter away or add any, the mass will never change.

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