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I wish I had a more general answer, but I can give a specific example.

In order to work with circuits, differential equations (an area of calculus) must be used to understand and study the relationships between current, voltage, resistance, power, and work.

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Q: How are calculus and electrical engineering related?
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Applications of vector calculus in electrical engineering?

Vector calculus is applied in electrical engineering especially with the use of electromagnetics. It is also applied in fluid dynamics, as well as statics.

What is Engineering-electrically related?

"Electrical Engineering"

What is the definition of electrical engineering?

Simply, To study related with electricity and its equipments, system etc.. called Electrical Engineering.

What do electrical engineers study?

Electrical Engineers study and use Electrical Engineering, which is the theory and practice of all things related to the practical use of electrical energy. A closely related topic is Electronics Engineering.

Is there's a lot of math in electrical engineering?

All areas of engineering are heavy in math. For a typical BSEE (Electrical Enginerring) degree, you are required to take three semesters of Calculus and one semester of Differential Equations.

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What percentage of college freshman take calculus?

The majors that require calculus are all mathematics, science, and engineering majors. These include (but are not limited to) mathematics, mathematics education, science education, biology, chemistry, physics, civil engineering, chemical engineering, biological engineering, electrical engineering, biochemistry, pharmeceuticals, and computer science. So about 99% of students in those majors and related majors will take calculus their freshman year (typically the second semester). I say 99% because calculus is a prerequisite for all other courses in those majors (so it must be taken very early), but there is a very small possibility (I'd say 1% chance) that students can take calculus their sophomore year instead.

What are the engineering applications of vector calculus?

in which field vector calculus is applied deeply

Application of mathematics in engineering field?


How Is Calculus Used in Engineering?

For Literally Everything.

What is the importance of integral calculus in the field of engineering?

Most complex engineering problems cannot be solved without calculus. Force related problems are a great example - how else would you calculate the force exerted on a particle a specific distance from an electrically charged wire?

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