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Q: How do you find supplementary angles to find value of X?
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Find the supplementary angle of 148.7?

Supplementary angles add up to 180 degrees. So, if x is the supplementary angle to 148.7 degrees, solve for x: 148.7+x=180 x=180-148.7=31.3 degrees

Find the measure of the complement and supplement of the angle?

Complementary angles sum to 90°. Supplementary angles sum to 180°. Given an angle x then the complement of x is 90 - x, and the supplement of x is 180 - x.

Angle x has a supplementary angle measuring 37degrees what is the measure of x?

Supplementary angles are angles that add together to equal 180, which is different from complementary angles that equal 90. So 180-37=143.

An angle is 39 degrees less than twice its supplementary angle Find the measures of the two angles?

Suppose the angle is x, Then its supplementary is 180-x So x+39 = 2(180-x) = 360-2x Then 3x = 399 So x = 133 and 180-x = 47

2. The measures of two angles in a triangle are shown in the diagram. Which equation can be used to find the value of x?

The measures of two angles in a triangle are shown in the diagram. Which equation can be used to find the value of x?

If X has a measure of 46 and Y has a measure of 134 then the two angles are .?

Supplementary angles add up to 180 degrees

Two angles are supplementary.The second angle has a mesaure five times that of the first Find the measure of the angle?

Suppose the angle is x then the second is 5x. The two angles are supplementary so x + 5x = 180 or 6x = 180 so that x = 30 degrees.

One of two supplementary angles is 9 times as large as the other How large is the smaller of the two angles?

Supplementary angles are angles which add to 180o. So, one angle is nine times as large as the other, therefore letting the smaller angle be X, we have the following: 9X + X = 180 10X = 180 X=18o and the other is 9 times this amount or 162o

The supplementary angle of a 45 degree angle has how many degrees?

Angles are supplementary if they add up to 180. So, with some algebra 45+x=180 x=180-45=135

What are supplementary angles?

supplementary angles are angles that have a sum of 180*.another way to remember that its 180* is the two p's in the word make 8.example. 70*+110*= 180* supplementary.Complementary angles add up to 90 degrees.Supplementary angles are two angles whose sum add up to 180 degrees. Can be shown as (180 - x)

If the measure of an angle is 4 times its supplementary angle what are the angles?

An angle and the angle that it is supplementary to have a total measure of 180 degrees.Let x be the supplementary angle. 4x would be the original angle.x + 4x = 1805x = 180x = 364x = 144So the two angles are 144 degrees and 36 degrees.

How do i find the value x in a scalene angle?

If it is a scalene triangle then: 180 - the sum of the 2 known angles = x angle

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