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No It;s Not A Solution > :)

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Q: Is 5. 4 a solution to this system of equations?
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What is the solution to this system of linear equations x plus y 4 x and minus y 6 (4 6) (6 4) (5 and minus1) ( and minus1 5)?

It is (5 and minus1).

Malique solved the system of equations below and found that x 5 which ordered pairs is the solution to the system?

That of course will depend on what system of equations are they which have not been given

Determine if the ordered pair y3x 5 yx 9 211 isa solution to the system of equations?

Tell whether the ordered pair (5, -5) is a solution of the system

What is the solution of the system of linear equations x equals 5 y equals -2?


What is the solution of the system of equations y-2x 5 -5y10x 20?

Without any equality signs the given expressions can't be considered as equations.

How would you know if a linear system has a solution?

One way is to look at the graphs of these equations. If they intersect, the point of intersection (x, y) is the only solution of the system. In this case we say that the system is consistent. If their graphs do not intersect, then the system has no solution. In this case we say that the system is inconsistent. If the graph of the equations is the same line, the system has infinitely simultaneous solutions. We can use several methods in order to solve the system algebraically. In the case where the equations of the system are dependent (the coefficients of the same variable are multiple of each other), the system has infinite number of solutions solution. For example, 2x + 3y = 6 4y + 6y = 12 These equations are dependent. Since they represent the same line, all points that satisfy either of the equations are solutions of the system. Try to solve this system of equations, 2x + 3y = 6 4x + 6y = 7 If you use addition or subtraction method, and you obtain a peculiar result such that 0 = 5, actually you have shown that the system has no solution (there is no point that satisfying both equations). When you use the substitution method and you obtain a result such that 5 = 5, this result indicates no solution for the system.

What is a word problem using y equals 3x-2 and x-y equals 4 as the system of equations?

It is a simultaneous equation and its solution is x = -1 and y = -5

What is a solution to the following system of equations using substitution -5x plus y equals -5?


Type the ordered pair that is the solution to these equations.2x - 3y = 7-3x + y = 7?


Is (-5 -1) a solution to this system of equations 3y -2x and ndash 13 -4x -8y plus 12?

Without any equality signs the given terms can't be considered to be equations.

What is the system of equations and enter the solution as an ordered pair 4x 7y equals 47 5x-4y equals -5?

Do you mean: 4x+7y = 47 and 5x-4y = -5 Then the solutions to the simultaneous equations are: x = 3 and y = 5

Does this system of equations have one solution no solutions or an infinite number of solutions 2x plus y equals 5 and 2y plus x equals 4?

One solution 2x+y =5 x+2y=4 multiply 1st eq by 2 rhen subtract: 4x+2y = 10 x + 2y = 4 3x = 6 x = 2 plug x into any of the above two equations and solve y = 1

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