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Some people find calculus easier, others find physics easier. There is no general answer.

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Some people find calculus easier while other find physics easier.

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Q: Is calculus harder than physics
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Will physics be hard for you if you are good at calculus?

Calculus will help but there is more to physics than just that.

Which is harder calculus or applied calculus?

Calculus; by a long shot.

Is there a more boring thing in the world than physics?

Seamon calculus

How hard is physics if you are excellent at calculus and linear algebra?

That should probably be easy. Try it out to be sure.

What is the importance of studying calculus?

Calculus was invented to solve physics problems, so the importance of studying calculus is to solve physics problems.

What is harder then calculus lll and if you have more then 1 answer then put it in order from hardest to least?

There are always other problems harder than what is called "calculus III" But what is learnt in calculus III is just basically the "stepping stone" for what is needed for more advanced math in later subjects, such as theoretical physics, protein folding, etc... For me, I determined that Calculus II was the hardest calculus course, then Calculus I, then Calculus III being the easiest. After that... there is linear algebra.... and don't let its name fool you just by having the word "algebra" in it... it is pretty much a HUMONGOUS pain in the buttocks

Is statistics harder that calculus?


What is thr purpose of calculus?

The purpose of calculus is to solve physics problems.

Is Pre-Cal harder than Calculus?

Definitely AP Algebra (1)^2.

Which is harder - trig or calculus?

Opinion: Calculus is much harder, mostly because of it's complexity. Calculus requires much more formula memorization and ingenuity.

Do you need to take calculus before statistics?

Calculus is much harder than statistics, and don't really have anything in common other than algebraic process. Calculus is the study of rates, while statistics is probability.

Use of calculus?

Calculus was created to prove physics which defines the laws of nature.

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