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6.705909598079999e+27 grams

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Q: The Earth has a radius of 4000 miles.One cubic meter of rock has an average mass of 5 metric tons. What is the mass of the Earth in grams?
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since eath rotates app. 360degrees in 24hr then in 1hr the earth rotates 360/24=15degrees ans=15degrees

How do astronauts use math in their jobs?

What is escape velocity? How high does the Space Shuttle orbit? How much time until launch? How many flight hours do I have to have to qualify? How cold is it outside the earth's atmosphere? What is a g force? How much thrust should the booster rockets have? What is the earth's diameter? How faraway is Mars?It's all math!Adding on to all of that, astronauts on Apollo 13 had to figure a lot out, like When do you fire the ship's thrusters, and for how long, and in what direction, in order to be able to return to Earth safely? Math is a big part in being an astronaut. When your computer crashes (like on Apollo 13) you need to figure out math problems by hand.

What is the gravitational potential energy of a body of mass m and a heigh h?

The formula for gravitational potential energy is: GPE = mgh Where m is the mass, g is gravity, and h is the height. Near Earth, gravity is approximately 9.8 m/sec2.

What is 1.8986 x 10 to the 27 power in kg?

1898600000000000000000000000 kg There is a reason the power notation is used for such numbers! 320 times the mass of the earth and 0.9999 times the mass of jupiter (if thats relevant) unless you mean (1.8986x10)27 which is 32900000000000000000000000000000000 kg or 3.29 x 1034 kg.

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How big is ceris compared with earth?

Ceres has an average radius of about 470 kilometers; Earth's radius is about 6371 kilometers.

Which planet with average equatorial radius from smallest to biggest?


What is the average radius of the earth?

The radius at the equator is 3,963 miles. It's slightly less through the poles.

What is the average distance from the center of earth to the center of the moon?

km384,000Average Earth to Moon Distance: 384,403 km Equatorial Radius of the Earth: 6,357 kmEquatorial Radius of the Moon: 1,737 kmTotal: 392,497 km

How many miles deep is the earth?

Earth's radius is 6371 kilometers, on average. Divide that by 1.6 to convert to miles.

What is the earths radius in feet?

There is no exact radius of the Earth, but the average is 3,959 miles or 20,903,520 feet. The Earth is rotating on it's axis and because of this rapid rotation the Earth's poles tend to flatten. Which makes the radius from the center to the equator larger than from the center to the poles.

Is it over 6000 kilometer from the surface to the center of earth?

Earth's mean (average) radius is about 6371 kilometers, so yes.

Is it over 6000 kilometers from the surface to the center of earth?

Earth's mean (average) radius is about 6371 kilometers, so yes.

What is the radius of earth?

Earth's Circumference at the Equator: 24,901.55 miles (40,075.16 km)Earth's Circumference Between the North and South Poles: 24,859.82 miles (40,008 km)Earth's Diameter at the Equator: 7,926.28 miles (12,756.1 km)Earth's Diameter at the Poles: 7,899.80 miles (12,713.5 km)Average Distance from the Earth to the Sun: 93,020,000 miles (149,669,180 km)Average Distance from the Earth to the Moon: 238,857 miles (384,403.1 km)Radius of Earth = 6 378.1 kilometers or about3961.3 miles.Radius of the Earth is about: 3440.07 Nautical miles(nm)The radius (the distance from the surface to the middle) of the Earth is 6, 378.1 km.About 6400 kilometers.The Earth's radius is approximately 6,376,136 metres along the equator and approximately 6,376,115 metres along the Prime Meridian.Earth has 3 different radiuses. The mean radius is 6,371 kilometers. The equatorial radius is 6,378.1 kilometers. The polar radius is 6,356.8 kilometersThe radius of the earth is approximately 6378.1km6,371 km

What is Venus' radius as compared to the Earth's?

It is about 0.949 times Earth's radius.

What is the equation to find the volume of earth?

Where r is the radius of the Earth, and pi = 3.14 (2 decimal places). So, it's 4 thirds multiplied by pi multiplied by the cubed radius of the Earth (6378.1Km average)The best estimate for the Earth's volume is about 1083210000000 cubic km

What is the permiter of the Earth?

The average radius of the earth is 6.38x106 meters. Therefore, if the earth is taken to be a two dimensional object, its perimeter would be equal to the circumference of a circle with radius 6.38x106. Therefore, the perimeter = 2 x pi x 6.38x106 = 4.01x107 meters.