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In statistics this is usually termed a stem-leaf plot. To see some I suggest going to and querying for stem leaf plot.

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Q: What is a leaf diagram?
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What is a Back to back stem and leaf plot?

A Back-To-Back Stem and Leaf Plot is a diagram to show two different sets of numbers. They are exactly like ordinary stem and leaf plot, but represents two different numbers by going out to the left as well as the right.

Is a bar model a diagram?

yes it is a diagram its a cb4 diagram

Is grass a leaf or a stem?


What is a stem and leaf diagram?

A stem and leaf diagram is a visual representation of the distribution of your data, similar to a histogram. The advantage is that a stem and leaf diagram is very quick and easy to put together as it uses only the numbers of your dataset. Let's say you had the following dataset: 32 4 36 4 16 23 30 45 31 6 31 29 which is equivalent to: 32 04 36 04 16 23 30 45 31 06 31 29 or looking at it another way: 3|2 0|4 3|6 0|4 1|6 2|3 3|0 4|5 3|1 0|6 3|1 2|9 I've just placed a "|" as a visual way of separating the tens from the units. The numbers before the "|" (i.e. 0,1,2,3,4) will be our "stems". Each corresponding number after the "|" will form the "leaves" and be placed next to the appropriate stem. When you put it together the stem and leaf diagram looks like this: 0|446 1|6 2|39 3|26011 4|5 The most appropriate stem and leaves depend on the particular dataset. For example, the stem and leaf diagram of the following set of numbers: 100.5 100.4 99.9 100.5 101.4 100.1 100.5 101.9 Would look like this: 099|9 100|54515 101|49

How do you make a stem and leaf diagram?

Let's say you have this data:01021011202130Enumerate the stem of the data.0,1,2, and 3 are stems since it is found first to the left.*Note that two digits like 234 have a stem of23.Enumerate the leaf.0-12 {01 and 02: the leaf are 1 and 2 since they are found first to your right}1-01 {same applies}2-01 {same applies}3-0 {same applies, the leaf is 0 since 0 is found first to the right of 30}There you have it! A stem and leaf diagram.Range formula:highest data-lowest data=rangeSo, 30-1 is 29. 29 is the range.

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