What is 4x plus 3y plus x equals?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is 4x plus 3y plus x equals?
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What is 4x plus 3y equals 9?

4x + 3y=9 x=0 y=3

Find the answers in 4x plus 3y equals 12 7x plus 3y equals 21?

x = 3 and y = 0

What is intercepts of 4x plus 3y equals 6y?

4x + 3y = 6y 4x = 3y 4/3 x = y The slope is 4/3 and the y intercept is 0.

How do I solve 4x plus 3y equals 7 whenyour looking for slope intercept?

4x + 3y = 7 y = [(-4)/3] x + 7/3

Use addition or substitution to find the value of y for this set of equations 4x plus 13y equals 40 4x plus 3y equals -40?

a) 4x+13y=40 b) 4x+3y=-40c) multiply b per(-1)=-4x-3y-40d) sum a and c: 4x+13y-4x-3y=40-(-40)=>10y=80 => y=8to find x replace y per its value in a or b and get x=-16

How would you graph 4x plus 3y equals 0?

Normally, this is a difficult form of the equation to deal with. To change it into a more familiar form, we can do this: 4x + 3y = 0 3y = -4x y = (-4/3)x

How do you factor 4x plus 12y?

4x + 12y = 4(x + 3y)

Sketch the solution of 4x plus 3y -9 and x -3?

The solution of 4x plus 3y -9 and x -3 is; 5x+3y-3.

What are the y and x intercepts of -4x plus 3y equals 0?

y intercept: x = 0 3y = 0 y = 0 x intercept: y=0 -4x = 0 x = 0 (0,0)

What is 2x plus 3y plus 4x plus 9y?

2x + 3y + 4x + 9y = 2x + 4x + 3y + 9y = 6x + 12y which can be simplified to 6(x + 2y)

What is the order pair for x plus y equals 15 and 4x plus 3y equals 38?

(1) x+y=15(2) 4x+3y=38From (1) one gets x=15 -y, put into(2)4(15-y)+3y=3860-4y+3y=3860-y=38y=22 then x=15-y=-7(-7,22) is the solution

How do you put 4x - 3y equals -7 in y equals mx plus b form?

4x - 3y = -7 Change all signs: -4x + 3y = 7 Add 4x to both sides: 3y = 4x + 7 Divide both sides by 3: y = (4/3)*x + 7/3 m = 4/3, b = 7/3