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A straight line through the points (0, 1) and (-0.4, 0).

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Q: What is the graph of the equation -5x plus 2y equals 2?
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How do you graph the equation 8x plus 2y equals -1?

Same way you graph y = -4x - 0.5

What is the equation of -2y plus 16 equals 10?

The equation is -2y + 16 = 10

What is the effect on the graph of the equation 4x plus 2y equals 12 is changed to 36?

I guess you mean 4x + 2y = 12 is changed to 4x + 2y = 36. The graph is translated (shifted) up the 7 axis by 24.

What is 3x plus 2y equals 8?

3x + 2y = 8 This is an equation. It could be the equation of a line.

What is the slope of the line that has the equation 4x plus 2y equals 12?

what is the slope of the line that has the equation 4x+2y=12?

3X-2Y equals 10 and X plus Y equals 0 solve each equation by graphing?

Its kind of hard to draw a graph in pure text... Try plugging your equation into ;)

W plus x equals 2y plus z for x?

you can not solve this equation

What is equation of 3x plus 2y equals 8 and 5x plus 2y equals 12?

Both of them are equations!The solution is (x, y) = (2, 1).

What are the solutions to the simultaneous equation of 3x plus 2y equals 5x plus 2y equals 14 showing work?

If: 3x+2y = 5x+2y = 14 Then: 3x+2y = 14 and 5x+2y =14 Subtract the 1st equation from the 2nd equation: 2x = 0 Therefore by substitution the solutions are: x = 0 and y = 7

What is the graph of the equation 2x2-6x plus 2y plus 18 equals 0?

2x2-6x+2y+18 = 0. Subtract the 2y from both sides. 2x2-6x+18 = -2y. Divide all by -2 to get y by itself. -x2+3x-9 = y. This graph is going to be a parabola that opens downward, like a frown.

5x plus y equals 5 3x plus 2y equals 3?

Double first equation: 10x + 2y = 10Subtract second equation: 7x = 7x = 1, y = 0

What does 6x plus 2y equals 8 look like on a graph?

The picture of the graph is in the related links section.

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