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Q: What is the highest percent in alcohol?
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What percent alcohol is in a miller 64?

2.8 percent alcohol

Why 40 percent alcohol cheaper than 70 percent alcohol?

Because the concentration of alcohol is lower; you pay the alcohol not the water.

What is a 60 percent isopropyl alcohol?

A 60% isopropyl alcohol solution contains 60% isopropyl alcohol and 40% water. It is commonly used as a disinfectant for wounds, surfaces, or equipment due to its antibacterial properties. It is important to follow proper guidelines for usage and application to ensure effectiveness.

If you mix 6 percent alcohol and another with 14 percent alcohol What percent is the alcohol?

There is no way to calculate that with the information provided. We need to know the volume of each.

How do you make 90 percent alcohol from 95 percent alcohol?

Add 5% water

Which brand of beer has the highest alcohol content?

The Hair of the Dog Dave has the highest alcohol content which is 29% ABV.

What fraction of 10 percent alcohol should be mixed with 70 percent alcohol to obtain 50 percent alcohol?

2/3 of 70% and 1/3 of 10%

What is the highest percent spirit you can home brew?

The highest level spirit it is possible to brew at all is only around 96.5%. At this point the water-alcohol solution becomes azeotropic, meaning that distillation can't separate them further.

What does it mean when a bottle of alcohol says 60 percent proof?

A bottle will usually state it's alcohol by volume (ABV) as "proof" . Proof is double what the percentage of alcohol is. So, a bottle of 60 proof spirits would be 30% alcohol by volume. The highest percentage alcohol in a spirit that I've seen is 151 proof, and that was a bottle of rum.

How many ounces of a ten percent alcohol solution must be mixed with 6 ounces of a fifteen percent alcohol solution to make a thirteen percent alcohol solution?

4 ounces

How do you make 95 percent alcohol from 100 percent?

You mix the pure alcohol with something else, for example, water.

Why is pure alcohol more dangerous than adulterated alcohol?

Pure alcohol is far more dangerous than adulterated alcohol because pure alcohol has one hundred percent alcohol in comparison to aldulterated alcohol which is less than 100 percent.