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2/3 of 70% and 1/3 of 10%

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Q: What fraction of 10 percent alcohol should be mixed with 70 percent alcohol to obtain 50 percent alcohol?
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How much water should be mixed to 12ml of alcohol to obtain a 12 percent of alcohol solution?

To obtain a 12% alcohol solution, you would need to mix 12ml of alcohol with 48ml of water. This would give you a total volume of 60ml, with 12% of it being alcohol.

What form does your answer should be when you change percent to A fraction?

100%-= What Fraction and What decimal point ?

How do you change a percent into a fraction?

One way to change a percent into a fraction is to take the percent number and but the denominator as 100. For example if the percent number was 43 then that would be your numerator and 100 would be your denominator so it should be 43/100. Percent means out of 100 so your denominator should be 100 unless you simplify your fraction.

What fraction should you multiply 57 percent by?


How many ml of water should be added to 95 percent ethyl alcohol to make 1 liter of a 30 percent ethyl alcohol solution?

684 ml

What is 15 percent expressed as a fraction?

15 percent is 15/100, which should be reduced down to 3/20

How many gallons each of 25 percent alcohol and 35 percent alcohol should be mixed to obtain 20 gallons of 32 percent alcohol?

The question is best solved using basic algebra. You need 20 gallons of 32% alcohol. This will contain 0.32*20 = 6.4 gallons of pure alcohol. Now suppose you have X gallons of 25% alcohol in the mixture. That contains 0.25X gallons of pure alcohol. Also, since you have 20 gallons in total, you must have 20-X gallons of the 35% alcohol. This will contain 0.35*(20-X) = 7 - 0.35X gallons of pure alcohol. Then, the total amount of pure alcohol is 0.25X + 7 - 0.35X = 7 - 0.1X gallons. So you have 7 - 0.1X = 6.4 or 0.6 = 0.1X or X = 6. So the answer is 6 gallons of 25% alcohol and 14 gallons of the stronger stuff!

Changing a fraction to a percent?

You should divide the top of the fraction by the bottom, multiply by 100 and add a "%" sign. I'm pretty sure this is what u do

How much water should be added to four liters of 75 percent alcohol to make a mixture of 30 percent alcohol?

There are 3 litres of alcohol in your starting mixture of 4 litres. If you add 6 litres of water you will have 3 litres of alcohol in a total of 10 litres. This is the required strength.

How many liters of a 20 percent solution of acid should be added to 10 liters of a 30 percent solution of acid to obtain a 25 percent solution?

10 liters.

12 percent as a fraction?

12 percent means 12 out of 100. You could write it as 12/100. You should reduce this though to 3/25.

How do you write 424 percent as a fraction?

424/100 . Then you should really simplify it to make it look pretty.